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The vision for Kevyn Zeller Wellness Retreats originated while Kevyn was guest teaching in Kauai over 10 years ago when her Pilates path was truly beginning to flourish. Having previously taught in less rural cities such as Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas, she couldn’t help but be aware of how much more seemingly receptive to the work students she taught on Kauai were. It was as though living in a place where everyone was more connected to nature, in which people were in less of a rush to get places, where the abundance of lush and vibrant foliage allowed for nature to be an integral part of her student’s daily life allowed them to be exponentially more receptive to the amazing and transformative work that is the practice of Pilates. She was determined to enable ALL of her students to experience this. After all, we all deserve to know what that feels like, right?
Upon returning to Colorado and completing her degree in Kinesiology, she was given an opportunity to teach in Paris, and spent the next three years teaching between Paris and the Hamptons until she decided to settle in New York City. It was ultimately the extremely fast pace and constant hustle and bustle of the city that drove the project to fruition.
Kevyn saw how far from nature and, more importantly, from themselves this extremely unhealthy pace her students were living was taking them. She knew that the best way to allow them an opportunity to make this vital RE-connection with themselves would be to immerse them in nature. EVERYONE needs to make this re-connection, especially in a world where our personal needs and desires are typically last on a long list of conference calls, board meetings, soccer games,….the list goes on and on. Not only does everyone deserve to, but everyone truly must take this time for themselves in order to harness their own true power. To harness their own true HEALTH.   For it is impossible to adequately serve anyone without it.
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With friends living in (and LOVING) Nicaragua, Kevyn and her Husband (Co-founder of and Chef for the Retreat) Scotty Craig decided to spend some time there and see for themselves. They instantly fell in love with the people, the beautiful simplicity, the beach, the food, the ocean and the sunsets!! There was no doubt that this was the place to bring students who had been drawn off-center by the pull of their busy schedules, businesses, families, traffic, pollution, noise…
Sublime Retreats Team
Their intention is to bring students back to their essence. To provide the space and support that allows them to truly focus on their deepest center in every meaning of the term, “center.” To remember, for themselves and no one else, their authentic reason for existing. Life is fleeting and most of us rush through it without remembering why we are here… without discovering our true calling.
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Kevyn and Scotty work together in a way that is seamingly effortless. Their passion for creating empowering experiences that strengthen and nourish the body, lighten the heart and fuel the soul is undeniable. They truly live for this, and it shows.”

Kevyn Zeller

Kevyn began practicing and fell in love with Pilates 20 years ago. After teaching internationally for just over 14 years, she is now recognized as an expert in the Pilates world. She currently resides in Manhattan and is the proud and grateful founder of Kevyn Zeller Pilates on the Upper East Side.  She is one of the most sought after teachers in Manhattan and her studio is a true urban oasis unlike any other.

Kevyn began Pilates at age 17 after experiencing a knee injury as a long distance runner. The practice not only healed her knee injury but truly became an essential part of her life.

 Kevyn received her Pilates Certification and Master’s Certification at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado.  While studying at The Pilates Center, she simultaneously obtained her degree in Kinesiology at The University of Colorado at Boulder. Her degree in Kinesiology allows her to back the artistry of her teaching scientifically. Her teaching truly represents both a knowledge of, and fascination for movement and physiology. Her approach is subtle in that she prefers to allow the student to realize what they already know. She feels thankful and extremely honored to be a part of their journey towards optimal health. She has worked with clients of all ages and levels of fitness and teaches fluently in French and Spanish. Her enthusiasm for sharing Pilates with others is genuine…and contagious.

Scott Craig

Scotty Craig, owner, and founder of Sublime Harvest in NYC, was inspired to begin cooking at home shortly after graduating from college. As a naturally creative person, it provided a powerful outlet for his passionately artistic side.

He was soon offered an opportunity to work in some of the finest restaurants in Santa Cruz and San Diego, California under Chef Susan Sbicca and Chef Thomas Vinolus. He spent 10 years honing his skills and becoming very efficient in the kitchen. He meticulously practiced and learned to execute a wide variety of cooking styles and countless techniques, all while becoming an avid surfer.

He furthured his passion for food and nutrition, working for Whole Foods as the Facility Team Leader for the Rocky Mountain Kitchen. In this position, he was able to nurture his creativity by perfecting exisiting recipes as well as developing new and healthy recipes for the prepared foods sold in stores in the Rocky Mountain Region. This opportunity shifted his perspective on food in a very clear and health focused way.

Scotty immersed himself in learning everything he could about the healing powers of food. He believes that the most effective way to connect with nature and with health is through connecting with what you eat. Scott works every day to better understand what seasonal foods most effectively nurture health. He lives to share this knowledge with his students so that they are able to stop merely living and begin to THRIVE by adding a more mindful diet into their lifestyle!

His passion for what he does is genuine… and you can always taste the love and care he puts into his food.